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Personal adversarial examples and AI security knowledge base.

Welcome to Spencer's personal knowledge base.

I mainly focus on summarizing CVPR / ICLR and other computer vision / adversarial examples / GAN papers. There are also surveys on some topics that I am currently focused on.

# Notes

# Papers

See more at: papers.

# How's this generated?

This is a repo built upon the ideas of foam, to incorporate the Zettelkasten note taking / organizing scheme.

I built this "vault" with VuePress and a custom theme. Also, I have written a plugin to deal with double quoted media-wiki links like [[xxx]], so now the website is generated perfectly regardless of using Foam's hack or not. This means that we can use Obsidian by default to manage this "vault", even if the generated files are not GFM compatible.

Nevertheless, the repo now is generated into a lightweight, SPA, and minimalistic website, hosted on Vercel.

Getting rid of Jekyll is such a relief.

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